You know how sometimes you get those weird spam emails from someone in Ghana or wherever, telling you that they have a stash of gold, and need you to help them? Sometimes you get them in response to an ad for a job, or an apartment?  Well, today I am filling in as a receptionist, and while searching for an email in the inbox regarding an urgent matter, I inadvertantly stumbled across an email from one of those people.  Unfortunately, it wasn't deleted, as it should have been - and marked as crappy spam - instead it was replied to.  Turns out, the woman I am covering for subscribes to lavalife, and met this guy online.  Now, the emails she has been sending him are all about sending money - and from what I can tell, she has sent him something like $3000 in the last 2 weeks.  Holy crap!!! She has never met him, she has extended her line of credit to do this for him!!! I feel like I should do something (of course, I can't, I am just a temp) but I feel absolutely awful for her.  How do people actually take this shit seriously? I mean, John and I have enough money issues, and we trust each other.  How could someone just send off their life savings like that?  And the emails are WEIRD.  OH and to make it all worse, it looks like she also was just seperated from her husband, and is in the process of receiving some lump sum. Is she going to just hand it over to this guy.


I have been a bit lethargic and bummed lately - mostly due to the return from Honduras, getting out of the routine of diving every day, being broke, and also going through the crap of looking for work. bleh.

BUT, the sun is shining! And on Monday I started working at James Bay Coffee and Books - one of those funky little community coffee shops everyone loves.  I have only worked 2 shifts, but I love it. It is mellow, organic, fair trade... and the people and music rock.  What a great way to spend my time!  Get paid to hang at a coffee shop.  Of course, it isn't a tonne, and the tips suck (people!!! tip at your coffee shop!), but it is great.

As for a "real" job, I am in the running for 3.  I thought I was really only into 2 of them, but after my interview today, I really want this 3rd one too.  All 3, I am in the final interview stage, so one of these is going to be the one. I know it!

Job 1 - Chiropractic office admin, Back in Line Chiro @ UVIC (interview was today)
Job: Admin duties for 5 doctors at the busy clinic at UVIC
- an interesting work environment in a natural health clinic (they also do massage, acupunture, naturopathy, holistic healing)
- owner willing to reassess every few months the monetary situation, so possibility of raises
- get me into the medical field, which could be profitable
- Mon to Thurs, so every weekend is a long weekend and I could work at the cafe as well
- commute to UVIC probably means bus
- $12 to start - although he was pretty quick to say it could be more
- only monday to thurs, meaning only 32 hours a week... not a lot of $$

Job 2 - Sales and Production Manager, Cook Street Village Wine Works (had mini interview last week, interview tomorrow)
Job: working in the U-Brew wine shop, helping with racking, mixing and bottling, sales
- 10 minute walk from my house
- making wine! drinking wine! Wine Wine Wine!!
- no idea.... pay?? hours??
- working for owners who are taking over in May

Job 3 - Tour Guide, Pacific Tours(interview Friday, had phone interview Sunday night)
Job: Driving guests from Vic to Port Hardy on a day tour of VI, staying over night, picking up new guests in PH, taking them to Vic.  6 days on, 10 off
- 6 days on, 10 days off, paying the same as a 40 hour a week job at $15 an hour.  Not bad.
- get to see and get to know the island
- possibility of tips
- best paying so far, and best hours
- have to stay in Port Hardy 3 days out of 6, then 10 days off, from mid May to September. 
- Accom not paid ($25 a night)
- only until end of September

Any input???

Update from Jewel Cay

The Cays have internet! How exciting!!

Yesterday was crazy.  We were in the middle of discussing theory (we being John and myself and Chris and Peter - the other 2 rescue dive students, and Nico, our instructor) when suddenly we heard screaming from the dock.  It took us a minute to realize what the hell was going on - so, in the very heavy rain, the 4 of us students rush out to help Nick (a divemaster in training) who has been "injured" on the dock while Cassandra, his girlfriend and co-DMT is screaming bloody murder.

there was a lot of blood - although it looked suspicously like tomato paste...

So, this is how this course is.  we are all tired and a bit jumpy because you never know what will happen.  Yesterday I was totally exhausted, as I had my most difficult dive experience ever.  I actually felt what a panicked diver felt like.  We had to "buddy breathe" which is when 2 people share one regulator - meaning you have nothing in your mouth underwater for awhile, and I HATED it.  Panicked twice, but managed to calm down and complete the task.  Need to practice that!

Today we had to do a whole bunch of rescues, including giving rescue breathes on the the surface while towing the unresponsive diver and removing their gear - keep in mind the weather has SUCKED the last few days.  We aren't doing this in the sunny Caribbean - we are in yucky stormy weather - rain, waves, the whole 9 yards. Woohoo.

I felt a lot more confident today, although I had a few problems at first.  My mask was busted so I spent most of the time with it full of water - something that usually drives me crazy, but I worked through it today.  After all of our skills, during the debriefing, Nick managed to "drown" in a vat of water.  Always must be ready!  I was first on the scene, and tried to take control - but too many cooks in the kitchen... I am disappointed, I should have taken better control and kicked ass.

Tomorrow we do our last day of skills - off the boat, not the dock.  Should be exhausting and interesting.  Have to study tonight for our exams (we have an Emergency First Response exam and the Rescue Dive Exam tomorrow) plus complete and emergency action plan.

Anke, one of the instructors, her boyfriend has found us an apartment.  If we do well tomorrow, I think we will check it out and become a little more serious deciding if we will stay or not....

More to come... hope for sun!

hot and tired

I am very proud of John and I becoming Vegans (people who do not consume ANY animal products, not people from the planet of Vega), however, Christmas was difficult and travelling is even harder.  Not being in a new place, that is easy - lots of food is vegan, in fact we just had pasta and pizza (no cheese) - but actually travelling is brutal.  Airports are full of crappy food, as are bus stations.  I just had dinner at 8pm, and it was my first real meal in 2 days.

I wonder how the Cays are going to be...

Anyway, we are in Honduras, on Utilla(FINALLY, the 40 minute boat was broken down and it took 3 hours in BAD waves to get here, after 16 hours travelling yesterday, and 3 hours on the bus this morning, with the forementioned NO nourishment).  Everything is booked, so I am a bit worried as we didn't make it to Captain Morgan's before it closed to find out about staying on Jewel Cay, so that will suck if it is full too, but we do have 3 weeks.  It will work out.

Ok, and Happy New Year everyone.  Sorry I am so crap this trip about communicating.

December 9th? Seriously?

So, John and I have been gone for 10 days, and I have blogged nothing - here or on my travelblog.  Not because we havent done anything, we have just been doing a lot every day... ok, sometimes that means 6 hours at the beach drinking beer, reading and playing cards. But dammit, we needed it!

Wedding was crazy.  Miriam and Abraham, his parents, her mom, John and I went to the Judge on Thursday and signed all the papers.   It was actually really nice.  Then Saturday was the actual ceremony but the judge was no longer coming, so I married them and Marco, Abraham{s brother, translated.  Miriam and I wrote the vows on the beach on Wednesday - she said hers in Spanish, he said them in English (and added on stuff on his own, which made us all cry).  Everyone was late to the wedding (it IS mexico after all) except Miriam and I - we were ready!  The villa was gorgeous. Will add pics once we are back in Ontario on Thursday, and write more.

The reception was a mad blur of the father of the groom getting everyone to drink LOTS of tequila.  John eventually, um, went to sleep - NOT passed out, of course - around 1am next to the pool.  We spent all of Sunday recuperating. Not a pretty scene. 

Monday we took a 2 hour bus to Puerto Escondido, which we LOVE.  Going diving tomorrow!

mexican wedding

ok, so what was a bit of a weird wedding already has taken a bizzare turn...

I am officiating a wedding in Mexico.  Yes,, that is right, I wrote the vows,am organizing who stands where and says what and all that... this will be interesting!!!

Am having a great time, despite my sunburn.  Will update how the wedding goes and whether ì pull it off or not soon! obviously the legal wedding has been done by a judge, but people have flown here for a ceremony, and that is what I am here for!!!

2 more days

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Ok, not all of my bags, but we are getting there! I am getting really excited about travelling and moving and all that.  Not sad to leave Kelowna AT ALL.  Best part will be NOT WORKING for 2 months. Woohoo!!  

I had to get a new dress for the wedding.  My dress was a size 12, and was falling off of me, so I took it in and exchanged for a 10, which is still too big - but better.  Can't believe i have gone from a 12 to an 8 in just 2 months.  Not sure if it is the vegan diet or bootcamp, but I am really happy with how I look - and even more with how I feel. We had a "competition" on Thursday and we had to do 3 sets in 15 minutes for 3 different circuits.  I did 5 for the first set of exercises, 6 of the second, 4 of the third.  Oh yeah... I kicked some ass!!

Anyway, a little more packing to do, and away we go!


Goodbye 10 pound of fat.  Goodbye jiggly belly and flabby ass.  Goodbye arms that continue to wave goodbye long after I have stopped.

Ok, so I am not exactly skinny, but those damn 10 pounds that I have been trying to lose for a year are GONE! woot!